So Many Dresses

ModCloth has been releasing some amazing dresses that are perfect for Autumn and I want them all! Falling in love with dresses from ModCloth isn't a new thing, but with Autumn being my favourite season, I love these dresses even more since they'd be perfect with tights, boots, and a cardigan!

Dress Wish List
1     2     3     4     5

I know it's still August and Summer doesn't last very long here so I'll do my best to keep my excitement for Autumn under control....

So just go look at all the pretty dresses!
xo Jen


  1. ModCloth is definitely the downfall of my bank account! I've been avoiding it like the plague lately as I'm attempting to save up some money. But these dresses are all so lovely!

    1. I'm longing for dresses and tights so ModCloth has been my weakness lately. Though, the duty fees I always get when buying from there keep me from 'checking out'.

  2. Loving that mid-century print on dress #5. Would look so cute with some boots and a cardigan. Seriously, I am totally for cardigan season. This summer has kinda sucked.