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What's In Your Beach Bag?

Beach season is upon us! I love being at the beach. There's something so peaceful but re-energizing when your feet are in the hot sand and you're watching the water. It also brings me back to my childhood since we spent a lot of time at trailers, cottages, and just day trips to the nearby beach. 

Even before having kids, I've always been an organized person, so what I pack in my beach bag now isn't too different from before kids. 

Spring Ready Beauty

I'm so looking forward to spring weather and all that comes with it - open windows, sunshine, flowers blooming, iced tea, popsicles. Plus spring is not TOO hot, because summer weather can make me irritable. 

Did you know you should change your skincare and makeup routine when the weather changes? Start using lighter moisturizers, wear SPF (you really should all year, but most people don't), and use lighter makeup products. 

I've stopped using my night cream since I was finding it too heavy as our evenings have been warming up. I also switched from my normal Skin Twin foundation to the Dew Skin, which is a tinted moisturizer with SPF. It feels so much lighter on my skin and I love that I can head outside with Emma and know I have sun protection on my face. 

Body Image

Having daughters has made me realize I need to change my relationship with my body. I need to start focusing on improving my strength and energy, and not just looking at food and exercise as a way to lose weight and change how I look. 

I've never had a good relationship with food, exercise and my body. I've never had an eating disorder or been obsessive over exercise. But I've still obsessed over calories, counting food, the number on the scale, and other crazy weight loss things. And I don't want my children to see that.

So I'm trying things differently now. I'm 8 months postpartum and pretty exhausted as I adjust to 2 children. But I'm ready to start changing things up.

Hello Spring

Spring is here. But not really. We got dumped on with snow again a couple of days ago. Our world looked like a snow globe all day. I think Emma was the only one thrilled about this turn of events in our household. Oh, and I guess the dog too. 

Wash Your Face

Do you use whatever bar of soap you have in your shower or near your bathroom sink to wash your face? 

My Why: Switching to Clean and Working as a Beautycounter Consultant

I wanted to talk about my new passion for my first post of 2021. Clean Beauty. 

My journey to switch to cleaner and safer products started a couple of years ago. During this time I've researched a ton of ingredients and regulations and was basically left disgusted. So I started switching to clean which led me to Beautycounter.

New Year Intentions

There's only a couple of days left of 2020. What a year. It feels like this past year was multiple years long. Does that make sense? I can't say the entire year was bad or a crap show because we welcomed Lily into the world back in July. She's been the highlight of the year - she's happy and giggly and so freaking snuggly. 

But I'm excited and interested to see what 2021 holds...