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5 Fandom Friday: Ways to Enjoy Self Care

Ah, self care. It wasn't until I became a Mom that I realized how important it was. I was quickly consumed by my new role in life and my postpartum anxiety that I had to step back and find some ways to take care of myself.

This week's 5 Fandom Friday prompt is incredibly important for everyone's health and it can include such a variety of things because everyone and every mood can dictate a different way to self care; treating yourself to a fancy coffee, getting your hair done, face masks at home, a bubble bath, a big bowl of ice cream.

5 Fandom Friday: Fandom Resolutions for 2020

Way back in 2016, there was a blog prompt that I followed and used in my blog content - 5 Fandom Friday (you can read my past posts here). It was my my favourite blog prompt list because not only was it geeky, but it made me actually think about some of my geek interests. I had to dissect some of the shows I loved or books I read. I really enjoyed creating content with the prompts.

Well, it's back and I couldn't be more excited! When The Sartorial Geek announced it today, I clicked on the link right away to check out the prompts. And now I'm pumped to have something to help get my creative juices flowing again. I've been brainstorming about blog content lately and this news couldn't have come at a better time!

I Am Not My Anxiety

Let's talk about mental health.

I've always been a somewhat anxious person; worrying about every little thing and usually playing out all the worse case scenarios in my head. But once I got pregnant with Emma, things got worse. I became obsessed about what I was eating while I was pregnant. Double checking everything was pasteurized, didn't contain any spices that were said to bring on early labour, and keeping Adam's lunch meat in a special drawer in our fridge that I refused to touch. I didn't think it was too weird considering how many years and how much money it took to get pregnant. I didn't want to take any chances to mess things up.

My everything.

This Summer

Infertility is a bitch. I've been through a lot in my lifetime and experienced a lot of emotions, but infertility has kicked my ass.

It took us 5 years to get pregnant with Emma. Our first round of IVF was successful. However, the multiple IUIs, fertility drugs, and other methods were a huge source of stress and drained us emotionally and financially. But we were finally pregnant! Emma is a blessing and has made us so happy.

What I'm Loving Now

Winter has been exceptionally long this year. We almost broke records on how much snow fell and we lived with a snow fortress surrounding our house for the last couple of months. Thank goodness it has been melting away the last couple of weeks.

We did disappear to the Florida Keys in February for a week which was a nice change from winter. All of us thrived down there in the sun and heat. Emma and Adam's eczema cleared up, I slept better after getting fresh air daily, and our moods were just better.

I'm itching for nice weather to show up. We've had a few teases of sunshine and above zero degrees temperatures, but it still doesn't feel like spring.

Ever since getting back from Florida, I've been trying to find ways to bring 'warm weather' back into my life, even if it's just a trick of the brain; things like melting fruity scentsy scents, drinking iced tea, and shopping for warm-weather clothes.

Skinny Syrup

Unicorn Syrup & Mermaid Syrup

I've purchased a couple of flavours of Skinny Syrup in the past; s'mores and pumpkin spice. I usually add them to my coffee, both hot and iced, and it's a nice addition. When a friend told me about the new flavours, I knew I had to try them. I picked up the Unicorn syrup and Mermaid syrup and I'm loving them! I didn't know what to do with them initially because the flavours don't work with coffee. The Unicorn syrup is a blue-raspberry flavour and the Mermaid syrup reminds me of pina colada. I decided to add them to my unsweetened iced tea, and the syrup makes it taste incredible! I've been making iced green tea (assorted fruity green teas) and both of these syrups are great in them. I want to try them in smoothies, milkshakes, and cocktails next!

Queer Eye


The third season of Queer Eye came out in March on Netflix. I finally had the chance to watch it last week. It's not surprising that almost every episode made me cry but also filled my heart up. If you haven't watched the show, I highly recommend it if you're looking for something to warm your heart. Every episode leaves me happy and ready to take on the day!

Chocolate Eggs

Ha! Seems random but I'm OBSESSED with them right now. My Dad even picked me up a giant bag of them from Costco and they're close to being gone! I eat a handful while drinking a hot coffee... yum!

I've recently bought some new beauty products and have some Easter recipes to try out. I'll be sure to share what I end up loving!

What are you obsessed with right now?
xo Jen

New Beginning

It's a new year which always feels like a new beginning to me; a fresh start. I've never been one to hold myself all that accountable for new year resolutions. I wrote down a few goals I'd like to work on this year, but honestly, the only things that matter to me this year are making memories and doing what makes me happy.

We have some fun plans this year, some set in stone and others that we need to finalize. Emma will be walking this year and she's already proved 2019 to be interesting since she's now crawling and trying to stand up. I can only imagine how many new adventures we'll encounter this year with her.


I've also found new inspiration in my creative life - artists, creators, crafts, fabric. So many things have sparked new motivation in me. I haven't felt that in a while to be honest. It's nice. It's nice to feel these things again which make me want to spend time in my craft room or sit at my laptop and write .

My first step in my newfound creative world is starting a new Instagram account; one that will focus solely on my creativity and interests - sewing, crafting, reading, geeky things, and blogging. I've always held myself back a little bit on Instagram knowing that the people who follow me might not want to see a lot of Etsy posts, book reviews, toys, or new fabric pictures. Now, I feel free to spam the heck out of my 'creative' account.

The other thing I want to focus on is streamlining my social media presence. I'm taking a break from Twitter. I have found I just scroll on there; not really interacting or sharing my own thoughts. The next is Facebook. I've backed away from Facebook this past year a bit. I go on randomly only because most of my family is active on there and it's a way to stay sort of connected. But I don't want to get lost in that timeline either. So my goal is to connect my new Instagram account to my Facebook page. That way I can still share things without really having to log into Facebook.

I apologize and also thank you in advance while I navigate this new inspiration and try to find the voice I want to share online.

xo Jen

New Mom Must-Haves

It's been just over 9 months since Emma entered this world. It's been crazy. So many ups and downs. But I wouldn't trade this experience in for anything. She's amazing. It's definitely a learning experience and I wouldn't have gotten through the last 9 months without the support I've had. My family and friends have been welcome resources to help me in this new chapter of my life.

Emma has been a great baby - she sleeps well, she eats well, she's overall content and happy. We haven't experienced many problems. But that doesn't mean every day has been easy. Some days I don't get the chance to shower between Emma, chores, and just trying to eat; other days, naps are on schedule, feedings run smooth, and I have the opportunity to not only shower, but write up a blog post or bake cookies.

Since it's the time of year when people are out buying gifts, I thought I'd share the top must-haves I've needed over the last 9 months. They would be perfect for the new mom or mom-to-be in your life:

1. Olehenriksen Truth On the Glow Cleansing Cloths - I bought a small pack of these for my hospital bag. I knew the brand had a good reputation but the real reason I bought them was because they contain jojoba oil, which is incredibly moisturizing and gentle on your skin. I fell in love with them! First of all, they were so refreshing to have in the hospital with me but now they've become my go-to cleansing cloth when I can't fit in a shower or to wake up my tired face in the morning. Also, they smell like orange creamsicles.


2. Batiste Dry Shampoo - Once again, another item to help me get through a shower-less day! I knew the joke of moms living off dry shampoo but I didn't really understand how real it was. Some days naps line up perfectly for me to hop in the shower. But then other days her nap time is filled with cooking, cleaning, napping (I need them too!), sewing, baking, etc. And my hair... sometimes even when I have time to shower, I don't want to wash my hair because I don't have time to deal with styling it. Bed head works better for me. So that's where dry shampoo comes in. I've tried numerous brands but I either hate the smell or it doesn't blend well. Batiste doesn't make me gag from the smell and I can brush it through my hair easily. Success!


3. Leggings - Since having Emma, I've worn jeans less than a handful of times. It's great! Leggings have been my go-to outfit staple. They're comfy, stretchy, can be dressed up, or worn with an oversized t-shirt. Plus, they worked with my changing body after giving birth. Stocking up on comfy leggings when you're a new mom is a must!

4. Water bottle - I cannot stress enough how much water you should drink right after having a baby, and then keep on drinking! It's so easy to switch to drinking more coffee than water. I do this at least once a week, then I feel gross - headache, upset tummy, jittery. A friend told me to have a water bottle on me at all times. Find a cute water bottle that you like, keep the bottle filled up and bring it with you everywhere! I try to do this. It's too easy to just consume caffeinated drinks.

5. Healthy, ready-to-eat food - Greek yogurt, lots of fruit, pre-cut veggies, trail mix, and high-fibre and/or protein granola bars have been a huge help. These items are helpful right from day 1 of having a new baby! Having these items on hand when Emma was having a bad day or a clingy day was helpful. There were days where I'd forget to eat or couldn't put Emma down, so being able to grab a granola bar and yogurt was life-saving. To this day, there's still times when I can't get away to make a proper meal for myself; when Emma's having a meltdown, diaper explosion or we're too busy between swimming lessons, laundry, bath time, and other bedtime routines. Having healthier snacks to grab and go are key!


These are my new mom must-haves and I'm sure I'll come across more as we head towards Emma's first birthday. If you're looking to make up a gift bag for a friend expecting or when visiting someone after they've had a baby, a little Mom-wellness gift is a great idea!

xo Jen